Akhtar Ali Syed

Even before his meeting Dr. Akhter Ahsen, the father and founder of modern Eidetics, in 1991, Akhtar Ali Syed read Dr. Ahsen because of his mutual, deep interest and knowledge of mythology, philosophy, psychology, politics and literature. Taking that knowledge and meeting forward, Syed has played an important role in introducing Eidetic Psychotherapy into a number of universities in Pakistan and also as Head of the Psychology Department at Brothers of Charity in Waterford, Ireland. Out of his years of long interaction with Dr. Ahsen, Akhtar’s understanding and skills evolved such that he created a new model which he calls the “Eidetic Model of Growth” (“EMG”) for people with Intellectual Disability (“ID”).

Syed’s model, EMG, is now part of the organizational policies as the therapeutic model which benefits people with severe emotional and behavioral problems from various levels of ID and associated disorders. But his real success has been with those individuals who were non-verbal.

As the Director of Eidetic Psychology Solutions, Syed will continue to provide therapeutic as well as training services in eidetics. His wife, Shazia Neelofur, is Principal Clinical Psychologist at Brothers of Charity in Clonmel (a town in Co-Tipperary) and also an eidetic practitioner. They live and work in Ireland with their daughters, Abeeha and Khadeeja.

Syed, A.A. (2012). "A Way to Grow: An Eidetic Model of Growth (EMG) for People with Intellectual Disability" (in press) will be available for distribution in the spring of 2012.

Akhtar Ali Syed, Principal Clinical Psychologist, Brothers of Charity Services, Waterford, Ireland