Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D.

Akhter Ahsen

Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D., is the founder of Eidetic Imagery, a cutting edge and innovative field in modern psychology. His work since the early 50s make him the principal theorist in the field of imagery-based techniques and programs for personal growth.

Dr. Ahsen, made a breakthrough discovery in this field when he found that images (I) were more than simply visual — that they had two other components; the somatic (S), an emotion or body sensation, and the meaning (M) contained in the image experience. Ahsen’s discovery of the I-S-M model was monumental because it allows control of the triggers in the brain, which impede performance and inhibit one’s natural genetic expression.

In the mid 1970s the International Imagery Association was formed by Dr. Ahsen to serve as a forum for the study of images and Eidetic Imagery, in the complex background of cultural, psychological, social and political issues. Dr. Ahsen also started the Journal of Mental Imagery as an international forum for imagery research. For more than two decades the Journal has been the only forum for original and creative research on mental imagery dedicated to the study of consciousness phenomenon. Under the editorship of Dr. Ahsen, and its distinguished editorial board, the Journal has received acclaim around the world from researchers, theoreticians, and clinicians interested in mental imagery.

To date Dr. Ahsen has authored more than 40 books and has written numerous articles and has received many accolades from around the world, and is also a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and American Psychological Society.



“Akhter Ahsen, a psychologist active as a clinician, experimentalist and theoretician… As Ahsen’s study establishes important links between various constellations of the myth, a far-reaching clinical interpretation of the underlying motivational principles emerges.  Ahsen invites the reader to enrich the concept of the image well beyond any prior concept he or she may have had.”
—Ernest R. Hilgard, Past President of American Psychological Association,
Stanford University



“What you see in your mind can create a whole new mind.”
—Akhter Ahsen



“Mythologist for the New Age.”
—Karan Singh, Ph.D.