Holly Miller

Holly Miller is one of the founding trainers at the Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas and she has been in private practice for 15 years, working with individuals and groups. She has particular expertise in helping people resolve money issues and has worked with Dr. Ahsen in bringing his work into that area. Using the Eidetic Imagery Money Model, we see what factors influence our interest, energy, motivation and strategies around money. The images reveal what goes on unconsciously in our minds around earning, saving and spending. Through working with the images, obstacles are removed and our behaviors naturally change.

Holly is also a part of the Sports Injury and Performance Team, working with the mind/physiology connection. She has personally experienced total relief from a number of physical problems that continued to be an issue far beyond the normal healing period, some of which were of an unknown origin.

“It still continues to amaze me how much our current behaviors and symptoms are influenced by history and events and how limited memory is in making the historical connections. What interests me most in Eidetic Psychology is working to discover what goes on in the mind unconsciously and helping to open the unlimited potentials of the mind by accessing the actual experience through image. In this way, perceptions change and emotional and physical symptoms release naturally. It is a science that reveals how your mind works.”