Barbara Buck

In the Fog of Great Awakening,
You saw yourself
On the Rock of Truth,
Riding a powerful horse, in stampede.
The horse was white like lightning,
And poised on its two rear hoofs
Ready to leap from the Rock,
Into the Blue of Heaven.

The horse was neighing,
Making the Desert resonant,
With two front hoofs raised,
In a state of upward leap.
The great Rock of Rest
Resounded under
The fiery hoof and neighing,
And the leap stretched
Like a flash of lightning,
Boldly aimed at the Heaven
In an ecstasy of love.

The white horse was
Poised to leap from below the above,
The hoofs of life lifted high,
For the great leap.
—Akhter Ahsen


In memory of Barbara S. Buck, Founding Director of
The Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas