Wendy Yellen

Wendy Yellen, CEO of www.EideticLifeCoach.com, is passionate about helping thousands of people all over the world to actually live their dreams.  She’s discovered a tool that’s like flipping a switch to make what once seemed difficult, now seem easy.

One of only a few dozen people around the world who have taken the rigorous training in Eidetic Imagery and been certified, Wendy has worked in the personal development arena since 1981. Her formal training includes graduating magna cum laude from Brandeis University, an M.S.W. degree in traditional psychodynamic psychotherapy from Smith College, and a Family Therapy Fellowship in strategic and systems work and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in Houston, TX.

The contributions of our knowledge of quantum physics have expanded how we understand ourselves and our relationships and our other-than-conscious mind.  Wendy’s advanced training and experience here is in emotional release body work, working with the spirit and other-than-conscious mind through Chinese, Japanese, Native American and Australian Aboriginal approaches, meditation and subtle energy healing.

Wendy is also a published author in numerous professional journals over two decades, as well as a Board member of the Eidetics Imagery Association, and the Book Reviewer for the International Imagery Association. She was invited to be a monthly columnist for the international magazine, Women of Vision.

Wendy pioneered the use of group tele-classes in Eidetics, and created the first-ever Eidetics Home Study Course, fulfilling her dream to make this powerful technology available to a much wider, international audience.

For 25 years, Wendy searched around the world for a process that gets fast, real results. Eidetic Imagery is the most powerful technology she has discovered for deep, lasting change. She’s continuously astonished at the powerful transformations her clients report.

And, in order to be the best that she can be, she continues her personal development through a wide variety of personal development courses, training, coaching, and much more. She definitely walks her talk.

Wendy lives outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico, at 7,400’, looking across Apache Canyon, amongst pinon trees and breathtaking flashes of color of scrub blue jays. She loves the beauty of the outdoors, birding, rafting down the Grand Canyon, international travel off the beaten path, and opening new vistas in her mind. She has made homes in 5 countries outside the US for more than 8 years, and has learned and forgotten at least 5 foreign languages. Wendy is married to Michael Rogers, and they have two kitties, Moonbeam and Mickey.

In order to provide her clients with the level of service she believes they expect and deserve, Wendy only takes on a small number of new clients and joint ventures each year. Her clients and alliance partners are committed to reaching their highest and best potentials.