Craig Stephens

Craig’s background in professional sales and stage work affords him a unique perspective among practitioners of Eidetic Imagery. Utilizing a relaxed, coaching approach, Craig assists his clients in pushing past the limits imposed by family-of-origin and society, thus reaching profound states of self-awareness and positive direction.

“I was so impressed with the breakthroughs I had in my own growth work that I completed the training course offered from the Eidetic Training Center of Texas. I knew others could benefit from this transformative technique as much or more than I have. I get such a charge out of seeing my clients make powerful shifts in their own consciousness as a result of working with Eidetic images.”

Craig’s clients include professionals from various walks of life who yearn to connect with their deepest potentials and streak past developmental and historical blocks. Dealing with issues as diverse as HIV, substance abuse, excessive shyness and career changing, Craig deals with each person respectfully and compassionately, with an individually tailored program to achieve the changes each person seeks.

Craig is certified by the International Imagery Association and also serves as an Associate Trainer at the Eidetic Training Center of Texas. He is supervised by Vickie Pierce, Director of the Eidetic Training Center of Texas and Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D., developer of the Eidetic Imagery technique.