Dave Kayser

As a former athlete and presently a conditioning coach of athletes, Dave sees Ahsen’s Image Psychology as a valuable contributor to improvement in athletic performance. With the body being central to the image experience in Ahsen’s Triple Code Model, Dave understands eidetic imagery’s vast scope of applicability to real world events where performance is many layered and success in sports ultimately depends on how these levels are played out. He uses eidetics with high school, college, and professional athletes to target performance and injury issues as well as in the strength and conditioning setting to unlock strength and power potentials and to promote that reposed but alert state critical to any physical performance. Being a former collegiate distance runner, Dave has a specific interest in using imagery to release constriction and tightness in runners. He has found that images can give an altered sense, in a positive way, of the presumed constants of gravity, space, and time, which remarkably increases buoyancy, forward trajectory, and thereby maximizing running performance.

An area of interest for Dave is the power of images to illuminate poetic perception, and, as an act of knowledge which removes stagnant immobility in existing thought, to liberate people from the limited and less authentic domain of routine thinking where consciousness is frozen and powerless to cultivate the emergence of solutions not found in ordinary logical paths. Eidetics allows journeying into the pristine part of mind which is poetic and holographic and thereby to those natural states where the individual is in contact with the freedoms which are gifted to him.

Dave, through his own personal work, understands Ahsen’s Image Psychology as an invitation to creating one’s own past and future beyond the burden of history, to the mythic side of things where rebirth and the revelatory contact with primordiality takes place. It is his conviction that through eidetic imagery, all of us can restore the clear eyes of that time when we were yet children and creatures of pure wonder.