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Vickie R. Pierce is the Director of the Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas.  Through her unique ability the training program has continued on its trajectory of advancing the understanding of Eidetic Image Psychology through the training center in Houston, Texas.  In her work over the years with Dr. Akhter Ahsen,  and Director and a trainer at the center, Vickie has brought a steady flow of new information and methods into the teaching material. 

Vickie is also the National Director of Eidetic Image Sports Psychology.  She uses her deep understanding and knowledge of eidetic theory and methods in the discharging of physiological symptoms resulting from traumatic injuries and performance themes.  Because of her innate skill and ability at identifying these themes, Vickie oversteps conventional methods through the use of Eidetic diagnostic testing and the artful use of images in releasing the repetitive patterns and mental structures that impede performance.

Working closely also with Leslie J. Dagnall, an associate of Dr. Ahsen and the Director of Training for the International Imagery Association, Vickie has accomplished bringing together all the resources and models developed by Dr. Ahsen. She continues her studies with Dr. Ahsen in image, mind and imagination, mythology, sexuality, trauma, physiology, medical hypnosis, learning ability and disability, Autism – in brief, the spirit’s desire to heal our bodies, enrich our emotions, and our nature through expanding and freeing of consciousness.

Vickie works with individuals, couples, children, and groups while also offering training and supervision in eidetics for therapists and practitioners.