Charla Bruce

Eidetic imagery and art naturally fit together, both being visual, somatic, and evocative.  In using eidetics, you step into your imagination, seeing and feeling the thickness, fullness, and intimacy of the images in your mind’s eye.  Rather than looking from the outside, you flow inside, engulfed while also expansive, into your “home,” your resting place, your being, and you breathe life into those images with a pencil, a paint brush, or your hands, and an awe comes through you.

Eidetic imagery restores the creative self, releasing blocks of our developmental, historical, societal, or cultural issues that keep us, both children and adults, from our full capabilities.  These issues narrow our perceptions into fixed memory images.  An example of how our fixed memory images affect our perception is a simple drawing exercise.  Draw a person by copying a line drawing of the person.  Quite often this drawing does not come out as well as you would like.  But if you turn the line drawing upside down, you are no longer using your fixed perception, and generally, this drawing comes out better than the initial drawing because your perception shifted from fixed to unfixed.  And just as a red filter on a camera lens obscures red objects in a photograph, developmental and historical filters change perceptions of events in our memories.  Our mind’s eye receives more detail than we realize in the form of eidetic images, images untainted by fixed or filtered perceptions of memory.

Through the use of eidetic imagery with drawing and design exercises, plus playing with different mediums, such as acrylics, oils, pastels, and clay, you discover drawing a straight line, or not drawing a straight line, releases the artist promise within you.  Like the sun emanates light and warmth, natural life energy, we, once released from fixation, dynamically radiate our authentic abilities, our life energy, into our paintings, our endeavors, and our Universe.

Charla Bruce’s diverse art is created in alkyd, acrylic, oil pastels, lithograph crayon, or mixed media on canvas, paper, and walls (murals).  She attended the University of Texas as an art major in the mid-1970s but did not pursue an art career until 1992.  In 1997, her work was shown in the nationally juried New Orleans Art Association Eighteenth Exhibition and in the Fourth Annual Show of the Art League of Houston.  In 2000, Charla was the Featured Artist of the 6th Annual Houston Women’s Festival.  She has shown in the Downtown Stomp Around (2001, 2002) and in the Warehouse ArtCrawl (2001-2009), as well as other Houston Women’s Festivals in retrospective shows.  In 2006, she had a one-woman show at the Preston Wood Gallery during filming for a segment on HGTV.  Her artwork is in private collections throughout the United States. 

Charla has been involved with eidetics since 1999 and became a certifed eidetic practitioner in 2008. She is one of three directors of the Eidetic Consciousness Center of Houston, Special Projects Director for the Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas, and Project Liaison for the International Imagery Association. Targeting the barriers of history, society, and culture that constrict an individual from expressing fully, Charla works with children and adults in opening up more their artist perception (the creative mind), uniting and returning the natural liveliness of mindbody that gives spontaneous pleasure to the home, society, and the world.