Nanette Tashnek is an Eidetic Imagery Practitioner, Trainer, and Group Coordinator for the Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas. She has been certified through the International Imagery Association (IIA) since 2001 and has been using Eidetics in her practice since 1998. Nanette continues professional education and training as well as personal work with Akhter Ahsen, Ph.D., originator of Eidetic Image Psychology and Eidetic Therapy.

Nanette received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Houston and previously worked as a psychotherapist beginning in 1993 and is currently a Licensed Pastoral therapist. She published numerous articles in therapeutic journals and newspapers and has authored a chapter in a published book on therapeutic techniques for children and families. She has future plans to publish two books: one book will be her personal journey and healing from severe allergy symptoms or chemical sensitivities, and the other her pioneering and innovative uses of imagery in hospital settings. In addition, Nanette continues to create and develop groups and workshops using Eidetic Imagery techniques.

Nanette worked 16 years in psychiatric hospitals and day programs gathering experience working with children, adolescents, adults, families, and those with chemical dependency.

She is committed and determined to aid clients in their own self discovery towards more joy, improved health, and connections with others. Some of her specialties include work with children challenged with learning issues or emotional conflict, adults, couples, families, and those with allergy symptoms or addictions. Currently, Nanette has a full time individual practice.

Nanette has a passion for running groups and workshops. She believes there is nothing more powerful than the process of a group. In particular, Eidetic group offers the unique qualities of safety, empathy, and the sharing of consciousness that allows participants to help heal themselves.

Personally, Nanette has devoted many years of education and experience in various types of spiritual groups including forms of meditation, Buddhism, and Kabbalah. It was from those experiences and the frustration of watching patients return to the hospital that she began a search for more effective and efficient mindbody therapies. She trained and practiced a body oriented personal growth work for several years before discovering the power and corrective nature of Eidetics.

Nanette works with many individuals on a spiritual path, some who find themselves blocked in their transformational processes. Through the use of Eidetic Imagery many have overcome barriers that have ultimately led them to deepen their spiritual connections. Eidetics has also been a vehicle by which Nanette has been able to reveal more light in the world as part of her own spiritual work.

Nanette participated as a collaborator in The Difference film and TV show which is an international project of several thousand individuals from 8 countries who create and write the film by sharing how they are making a difference in the world with their unique knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. This is an extraordinary influential project that holds a vision to open humanity’s heart and inspire others to live their purpose. It was in part the inspiration that lead Nanette to create and develop a workshop and video titled “Tapping into the Abundance/Create Prosperity and Purpose in Your Life by Adding Value to Others and the World. The video will be available for sale after January 2012.

Nanette lives in Houston Texas where she enjoys creative endeavors such as art, music, poetry, and theatre. She has traveled many places and is still fascinated by the history and cultures around the world. The presence of nature is always calling her whether it be hiking the rim of the Napali Coast in Hawaii, the Canadian Rockies, or communing with the rivers and hills of Texas.

It is very satisfying and humbling to be an Eidetic practitioner according to Nanette. She has seen many clients ignite, release, and flow with such subtlety as they move toward emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom. Individuals with chronic conditions can now have hope and new possibilities for a very different direction and quality of life. And couples can not only save their relationships but grow and flourish while in them.

Nanette believes that there is nothing greater than to be known by another or other human beings at the level of the Eidos, the real and essential self. Working with young children has brought her to a deeper and greater respect for the creative, magical, and healing potentials of the mind.

You may contact Nanette by phone 713.206.6462 or by Email info@NanetteTashnekEidetics.com.