Barbie del Castillo

So often our lives, especially those of women, are defined by the growth of the family and the healing of self. These themes seem to give us purpose and happiness. Although they are important and worthy, they do not encompass all that we are.

Eidetic Imagery is a technique that helps us see the potentials in our lives with greater clarity. Practicing this important form of imagery moves us beyond the past and present history in which we live, toward new realities and awareness by expanding the knowledge of ourselves, our family and our societies.

As one of the founding members of the Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas, Barbie del Castillo has witnessed many people successfully recognize and heal important issues in their lives. For nearly a decade, Barbie has studied Eidetic Imagery, first with Leslie Dagnall, Director of Training for the International Imagery Association and then with Dr. Akhter Ahsen, the brilliant pioneer of Eidetic Imagery.

In her imagery sessions with clients, Barbie draws from her knowledge of Eidetics, her 36 years of marriage, three children and three beautiful and lively grandkids. Her husband, Hector, is an OB/GYN and having acted as manager for this family business for over 19 years, Barbie has gained insight into the lives of women in the many stages of life.

A love of gardening, nature and spirituality help Barbie easily understand the importance of soothing the mind and soul through nature images. All of her interests and prior experience make her uniquely qualified to address issues concerning marriage, family relationships, parenting, sexuality and the challenges women face, including health and aging.

Barbie has developed a workshop series on Menses and Menopause as well as one on Parenting. Through the Eidetic Imagery Training Center of Texas, she participates in the education of those interested in learning this most helpful work of Eidetic Imagery.